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Join the revolution of the Internet and tap into the endless potential of the virtual retail experiences. Let us help your brand establish itself in the Metaverse.

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What is the Metaverse?

We offer a completely different perspective on B2B and B2C sales. Your users will be able to see and get acquainted with your products, experience the functionality and aesthetics of the brand.

Sneakers, gadgets, NFTs, travel tours and games can be sold in the metaverse.

You no longer need offline stores, sales departments and product cards - just sell them in your metaverse store.

Metaverse Packages







Package 1

Meta Beginning

We will create your metaverse store to sell goods, paintings, NFTs and other digital assets

Implementation of purchasing functionality

with the ability to redirect to external platforms to complete transactions. Your customers will be able to shop securely and conveniently on your metaverse and complete transactions on renowned platforms.

Development and implementation of movement functions

(running, jumping, and other movements) for virtual characters or users. Your metaverse will become even more interactive and immersive with the ability to move and interact freely.

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Package 2

Meta Store

All features of the previous package

Unique item customization

You can highlight your brand's personality by customizing virtual space items to your liking.

Create up to 5 custom items

You can add up five objects in your virtual space to add uniqueness and personality.

Time of day and weather control

Users will be able to easily change lighting, adjust day and night, and select different weather effects to create the desired atmosphere of the virtual metaverse.

Changing textures and color schemes

You can customize the textures and colors of your virtual space to create the visual style and atmosphere you want.

Door operating logic

Door logic will allow you to divide the space you use into logical zones, creating a more structured and functional virtual space.

Graphics and interface settings

Users will be able to easily adjust mouse settings for convenient control of the virtual metaverse, as well as adjust graphics settings for optimal use on different devices with different technical characteristics.


Package 3

Metaverse Hub

All features of previous packages

Unique custom 3D space

You will be able to create and customize your virtual worlds based on your goals. This will allow you to fully control and adapt the virtual space to suit your needs and tasks.

Unique item customization

Emphasize the personality of your brand or user by customizing the details and objects of the virtual space to your liking. You will be able to create and customize items to suit your vision and style.

Interaction with products

 Users will be able to quickly and conveniently customize your metaverse by placing pre-prepared objects (products) in their virtual space. This will allow them to easily create and modify virtual environments according to their ideas and desires.

Interaction with objects inside the virtual space

Users will be able to interact with objects within the virtual space, creating a deeper and more engaging virtual experience. This will add interactivity and the ability to interact with the virtual environment.

Adding a passkey to a space

You will be able to add access keys to your virtual worlds, such as logging in with NFTs or other unique digital assets. This will allow you to control access to virtual worlds and create exclusive virtual spaces for specific user groups.


Package 4


All features of previous packages

Creating unique physics

You will be able to customize the logic of objects in virtual space by specified parameters. This will allow you to create realistic and interactive scenes where objects behave the way you intended.

Creating unique graphics

Show off your personality and style with unique graphics. You will be able to create virtual worlds with a visual design that reflects your uniqueness and impresses users.

Metaverse of any size

Allows users to create virtual metaverses of various scales - from small rooms to huge landscapes. You can bring your most ambitious ideas to life in virtual spaces of any size.

Customization of walls and floors

Users will be able to choose different textures, colors, and materials for walls and floors in the virtual space. This will allow them to create the desired visual style and atmosphere in their virtual worlds.

Placing personal user files

You will be able to add custom elements and content, making your virtual metaverse unique and personalized.

Use of music in the virtual metaverse

Users will be able to add background music and sound effects to create atmosphere and mood in their virtual spaces. This will add additional emotion and engagement to the virtual experience.

Access to limited functionality when owning an NFT

If you own unique digital assets, you will have access to limited metaverse functionality. This will give you the ability to create exclusive virtual spaces available only to certain digital asset owners.

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